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Playtime is the largest annual live music festival in Mongolia held at Hotel Mongolia in Gachuurt village located 30km outside of Ulaanbaatar. It was founded by Mr. Natsagdorj Tserendorj in 2002 and is organized as non-profit live music festival. The festival takes place on summer weekend of July before Naadam featuring best of new and established international and Mongolian live music bands.

Over the past sixteen years, the festival presented more than 500 music groups and drawn 100.000 people to the festival. The festival has grown its scale from a local live music festival to an international festival since 2013 and presented headliner international music groups at the festival including The Radio Dept. (Sweden), Peter Hook & The Light (UK), The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (USA), Mono (Japan), The Fin (Japan), Mumiy Troll (Russia), Nine Treasures (Inner Mongolia) and many others.


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Video performance of Playtime festival

(MN) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (Live at Playtime 2015)

BTVM сурвалжлага: Playtime 2016 | @BloombergTVM (2016/06/27)

RecOn (Live at Playtime 2015)

The Colors (Live at Playtime 2015)

The Lemons (Live at Playtime 2015)

Delhii (Live at Playtime 2015)

Niciton (Live at Playtime 2015)

Ssighborggg (Live at Playtime 2015)

(MN) Mumiy Troll (Live at Playtime 2014)

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