3 Day Ticket is 50.000₮ you can enter the festival from the first day 2pm (7/6th)
2 Day Ticket is 40.000₮ you can enter the festival from the second day 8am (7/7th)
1 Day Ticket is 30.000₮ you can enter the festival from the third day 8am (7/8th)

You can purchase tickets from Hi-Fi Records and Orange Record branch stores and online at www.hi-fi.mn. You can also order tickets calling 333-555 and 333-111.


  1. Playtime Festival Bus: A bus runs free of charge from the ‘Huuhdiin Ordon’ every hour during the Festival. You can view the bus schedule from our website www.playtime.mn, Facebook and Twitter pages.
  2. Bus for route Ч:36 goes to Gachuurt every 15mins from Ulaanbaatar city.
  3. Private vehicle: There is a parking lot at the Mongol Shiltgeen, but because the parking space is limited we advice you to take the bus as much as possible.

At the Festival premise there is a special area designated for tents, and tents are free of entry. There are a few number of cottages, ger and wooden cabins available at the Mongol Shiltgeen. You can reserve a room beforehand calling 333-111 and confirm your order with payment.

In order to prevent thievery, fights, trespassers and violation of Festival regulations private security personnel’s and police officers will work at the Festival grounds. First aid medic is also available in case of emergency accidents. The catering of beer will only be in plastics cups and not in glass bottles. It is restricted to bring hard liquor into the Festival.


  1. To arrive at the Festival as early as possible and not leave late at night (the last bus for town leaves at 2am).
  2. It is preferred to not arrive with private vehicles, as the Mongol Shiltgeen parking lot has limited space it is possible to not have any space to park left.
  3. To come with a personal tent, warm clothes and a rain jacket.
  4. Bring personal preparation (money, toiletries, flash light, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, tent lock, etc.).
  5. Bring fun games to play (ex. cards, ball, badminton).


  1. Outside food, beverages and alcoholic drinks are restricted from entry.
  2. It is not allowed to set a tent on not designated tent areas.
  3. Trash is to be only littered at Garbage spots.
  4. Public indecency will be taxed. It is restricted to urinate in public.
  5. It is restricted to start a fire in the Festival grounds.
  6. Fights, commotions and extreme drunkards will be dismissed from the Festival grounds to protect the well being of other Festival goers
  7. Professional Cameras and Video Recorders will not be allowed into the Festival without official permission.

Yes, Children under 12 years old with a guardian can enter the Festival free of charge