Festival rules & info


  • Arrive at the Festival as early as possible and not leave late at night.
  • Come with a tent, warm clothes and raincoat
  • Bring personal preparation (money, toiletries, flash light, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, tent lock, etc.)
  • Bring fun games to play (ex. cards, ball, badminton).
  • Outside food, beverages and alcoholic drinks are restricted from entry.
  • It is not allowed to set a tent on non-designated tent areas and near the river.
  • Trash is only littered at designated Trash spots.
  • It is restricted and taxed for public indecency and urination.
  • It is restricted to start a fire in the Festival grounds.
  • Fights, commotions and extreme drunkards will be dismissed from the Festival grounds to protect the well being of other Festivalgoers.
  • Professional Cameras and Video Recorders will not be allowed into the Festival without official permission.
  • People of all age can enter the Festival.
  • Children under 12 years old with a guardian can enter the Festival for free.